Magic Box


The artistic ensemble of magic box acsends you into a world of sonic and visual entertainment thru the immense talents of its members

       Anchored by percussionist Tom Maxwell, the drumming of Magic Box is wide and deep, having a heartbeat within a heartbeat. Primal explorations drift into jazz, creating  trance like grooves.

        The etheric structure built upon that foundation is created by Glen Lynsky. Using the electric guitar and exotic tunings, Lynsky weaves melody and atmoshere into the hypnotic rythyms of Maxwell. In unison, these two musicians travel dreamlike through musical landscapes, at times restful as if floating on water, to extreme rythmic pulse's  that can transform any room into a ritual experience.

        Visual art is a major component of Magic Box. Master performance painter Norton Wisdom is the centerpiece to this trio. The voice of this group is expressed thru the imagery of Wisdoms subconcious world.  As the music drifts thru his body, he becomes entranced, creating paintings that lead the audience on a surrealistic journey.

        The soul of this trio reaches into the mystic of ancient man. With a seeming life of its own, each composition rises from "the Box" extending into full view as a presentation of dialog between its creaters. Performances may reflect a theme..or not. The painter becomes the musician, the musician the painter. A primordial liberation for explorers who have journeyed the life path of pure artistry.

     Magic Box